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Our poult pickup was a success! Its been a week since we went to the Post Office to pick up our first 50 poults! They are nice and comfy in their pen with heat lamps, unlimited fresh water, food, and are lovvving all the attention they're getting from the kids. We set them up (temporarily) in our garage so that we can check on them round' the clock. Did you know that poults need to be under heat lamps when they are first born? The lamps are kept between 95-100 degrees for the first few days and then we lower the temps gradually as they grow. Once they are old enough, we will transfer the poults to the large barn. Once they are old enough, the turkeys will pasture outside the barn during the day, pick on fresh grass and bugs, and at night will be protected from predators inside the barn.

For 2018, we plan to raise at least 175 farm-fresh, pastured turkeys in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are anxiously awaiting a couple of more shipments of poults within the next couple of weeks and will continue to document here and our Instagram/Facebook pages. *We have a #turkeycam in our instagram stories* Please give us a like/follow to help us spread the word!

Don't be shy! Reserve your bird for this holiday season! See our store page for more details and sizes. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the order forms or website.

As always, we appreciate your support! XO, Maggie