$25 deposit only. $5.50/LB your deposit goes towards your total price when you pick up! 
Please indicate which size turkey you want to reserve: Small = 12-14 LBS  Medium = 15-17 LBS  Large = 18-22 LBS XL = 22+
*sizes will not be exact but we will do our best to get as close to the weight range as possible!
Locally Grown, free range, farm fresh turkeys raised in Cumming, GA by our family.  We raise the turkeys from just 2 days old until harvest. The turkeys are protected by an open-window, large poultry barn with automatic waterers and feeders. Once the turkeys are large enough to protect themselves from predators, we open their "turkey door" to free range on 25 acres surrounding the barn. Our family is blessed with the opportunity to manage the barn and acreage right across the street from our home!



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