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Farm Fresh Poultry

We are a small family farm located in Cumming, GA that raises premium pastured chicken, farm fresh eggs, and Thanksgiving turkey for your family's farm-to-table meals. We sell our products from our home for pick up (by appt), at the Alpharetta Farmers' Market Saturdays 9-12 (April-Oct), and Halcyon Farmers' Market in Alpharetta on Tuesdays (4-7 PM). Check out our online market to see what is currently available. Thank you for supporting small North GA Farms!

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Founded on Faith and Farm Fresh

At Sawnee Acres, our family raises pastured chicken, farm fresh eggs, and free range Thanksgiving turkeys, in a healthy, slow, and sustainable manner for your family. We take pride in humanely raising our birds, and giving back to the land they live on. Our meat birds are loved from the day we receive them (at the Post Office) at just two days old until the time that they are processed. The meat chickens are sheltered by chicken tractors moved every day for fresh grass consumption. The turkeys and egg layers are sheltered by a large poultry barn with fresh, automatic waterers and feeders. They can choose to pasture on 25 green acres at any time throughout the dayThey are nurtured and closely monitored by our family (see our Instagram/Facebook stories @sawneeacres for updates!) 

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When you are ready to order your premium poultry products, please click on our online shop (above) to place your deposit and complete your deposit. Once you complete your deposit you will receive a confirmation email that will begin the communication for on-farm pick up or market pick up/delivery. At the time of pickup please be prepared to pay your remaining total for your products-don't worry, your deposit will be deducted from your total. We accept cash/check/credit card/Venmo @sawneeacres and Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions!



Our family members: James, Maggie, Levi, Maeve, Tristan, our lab- Soot, and our birds. We are thankful for the support in our adventure of poultry farming in the North Atlanta Area!

Our mission is to bring the family back to the daily dinner table; starting with a farm-to-table meal.



Poultry Farm"her"/Social Media Marketing

Maggie was born on the South Shore of Boston and raised in Alpharetta. She is an alumnus of Milton High School. After graduating college in North Georgia, she moved to Maryland to complete a Master of Arts in Teaching from Mount St. Mary’s University. It was in Maryland where she fell in love with James, and converted to the country lifestyle. They started a family, and raised and processed backyard meat poultry (chickens, turkeys, and ducks) at their first home. James and Maggie relocated to GA in the summer of 2017 with high hopes of continuing raising poultry to nourish their family and hopefully one day, their community. After being in the field of education for 5 years, Maggie happily works part-time St John the Baptist Hybrid School in Kennesaw and works from home in Cumming, raising her children and birds. She is grateful to God to be a Georgia farmher!


Poultry Farmer

Since the age of 7, Farmer James has been assisting with raising and processing turkeys for the holidays. James, who grew up in Maryland, showed interest in turkeys to a family friend and farmer; who took James under his wing. James quickly learned the ropes of humanely raising farm fresh turkeys and processing them during the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. James continued to be an integral part of the processing facility until moving to GA in 2017 and starting his own Farm Fresh Poultry business.

In addition to turkeys, James was an avid 4-H member until he graduated high school. Over the course of his 4-H membership, James raised chickens, pigs, sheep, and cattle on his parents’ farm in Carroll County, MD. He had the honor of serving on the Junior Fair Board of the Maryland State Fair from 2002-2005. James continued to raise animals while he worked for his family’s construction business. As a superintendent for a construction company in Decatur, he keeps busy taking  the best care of his family and his birds.


Poultry Herders/Caretakers

Being a family-operated business, we embrace the children being involved in raising our animals. Our children were blessed with access to farm animals growing up around their grandparents' historic farm in Maryland. The animals are fascinating and the kids take ownership in helping feed, clean, and love on their animals. Giving the children the opportunity to care for the animals and experience hard work from a young age is an irreplaceable learning experience.  More importantly, we make sure they are involved in growing their own food in the most humane and ethical way.



Our feisty-feathered foragers' job is to scratch and peck on pasture. Our cornish-cross (meat) chickens are kept in a mobile chicken tractor on grass 24/7 eating the most natural diet. Our broad-breasted white turkeys range freely during the day,  and rest at night safe from predators in the barn. Our turkeys are Broad-Breasted Whites, a hearty breed that grows beautifully outside. Once the turkeys grow out of their brooder pens, they are ready to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, grass, weeds, and bugs. Follow us along on Instagram @sawneeacres to see more of our birds at work!

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"If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, you will never plant anything and never harvest anything"

Ecclesiastes 11:4


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